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Nightwing's Canon

Most of you already know the story of Dick Grayson, so I won't make it labor-intensive. There are only a couple of minor tweaks to the 'canon' that I've made or referred to in the two years I've owned the journal.

Dick Grayson's parents were Mary Elisabeth Loyd and John Frederick Grayson (when he ran away early in his tenure at Wayne Manor, he took the pseudonym Freddy Loyd and will occasionally still use it). An issue of Gotham Knights said that Dick's mother was a dental assistant on the East Coast before she met John; in my version (before I knew the 'canon'), Dick recalls in his journal that his mother was studying to become a veterinarian and was an aerialist at a permanent "Big Top" attraction on Gotham's pier when she visited the Haly's circus' campsite. John Grayson was giving one of the elephants a 'bath' with a hose, and she walked accidentally into the crossfire of water. And that, as they say, was history. ;)

Dick was eight years old when his parents were killed in mid-performance. Canon has really fudged about his age, going from as young as eight to as old as ten or eleven in the past. I've gone with him being eight years old, simply because the time between their death and his appearance as Robin (at 12) is to my mind a pretty reasonable amount of time to account for the amount of training he goes through before he's allowed to run the Gauntlet and then take to the streets with Batman.

In Watchtower canon, it's about three months before the young Dick discovered Bruce Wayne was indeed Batman, though he'd been wondering about the older man for some time. Canonically there really hasn't been much said about his early days at the Manor, something we've tried to address periodically, just for kicks. It's been surprising to see what happens when you mix Goldfish and whiskey, for instance...

It's important to note the difference between Dick and Bruce in attitude: Dick himself says that he doesn't visit the burial site to remember how his parents died; he goes there to remember how they lived. It's a key part of his optimistic nature that sets him apart from his broodier mentor.

Between here and there, there hasn't been much difference canonically up until the last two years, when Blockbuster discovered Nightwing's identity and began attacking everything Dick cared about in an attempt to destroy him. It almost worked; but this is where canon and I parted ways.

This gets LONG. Seriously long. )

In this continuity, Nightwing is one of the characters who's departed from comics canon the most; but I like to think I've kept him as in-character as it's possible to be. Becoming a father has changed his attitude towards things - if it didn't, it wouldn't be right. He's gone from having no kids to having a baby and a teenaged daughter in just a few months. It's been a hell of a past two years, and I'm looking forward to at least two more. Hope you've enjoyed what I've been doing with him. ;)

I'll also note that it took me approximately 9 hours to put this entire piece together. NEVER AGAIN. Yeesh.


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