Not a Hoax! Not an Imaginary Story!

Just in case anyone's still watching this space!

The remaining Watchtower crew that's been out of the journal-based RP Biz for a few years is getting the band back together for a slower-paced, looser-continuity spiritual sequel community over on Dreamwidth. Formed from a core of twenty-plus RP veterans and rare unobtainium, we plan to open up character application slots in the near future for a game that's like Watchtower, but a little less high maintenance.

I can't promise we'll run for eight years, but hopefully we will have a lower burnout rate!

A brief early history

[ profile] jla_watchtower was founded after a small group of players decided that they'd had so much fun RPing with each other in the [ profile] lunatic_cafe, they should form their own RPG community. A summary of their earliest adventures is provided here for your perusal.

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Anyone interested in apping the Doom Patrol? I was thinking of picking up Robotman, but Cliff's always more fun with his posse. The Patrol would, I think, largely focus on their classic job of investigating Fortean events and otherwise having adventures in Crazy. Continuity wise, I like the current DCU's "Okay, everything happened. Yes, really, they're the Doom Patrol, they can handle alternate timelines suddenly getting less alternate." attitude.

The Question or DC's The Spirit?

Just curious, I saw The Question in the Top 25 slot.  However, I'd like to give a go with Denny Colt, The Spirit.  As of 2007, he's been essentially in the DC universe.  I know he doesn't quite fit in continuity, but he's had a crossover with Batman, and is now published by DC (an ongoing monthly in addition to the reprints through DC Archives.)  What are the community's thoughts on bringing The Spirit into play?

Most Wanted

Hey, gang. The players of Watchtower have put their heads together to come up with a list of characters we'd most like to see people apply for, and I have culled that to a 'Top 25' format.

If you're interested, click here.

A note on Ambush Bug Presents

It's a big one this time, folks, and I can't put it all up in one night, so you'll just have to keep coming back until the credits roll! You can ask questions about the thread of an OOC nature here - unlike previous installments, there's not going to be a lot of audience participation, but I may throw in some at the end!
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Awards Extravaganza!

A camera pans over a vast audience of super-heroes and super-villains from all walks of live, orchestral fanfare playing all the while, before the camera and the stage lights come to focus on the main forum, and its red velvety curtains.

An announcer's voice booms: "Live, from Bob Kane Memorial Stadium - designed, drawn, and funded by Bill Finger - it's the Second and a Half Annual Ambush Bug Presents Awards Extravaganza!"

The curtains part, giving way to the night's emcee - Ambush Bug, dressed to the nines in a sharp tuxedo. A sharp, orange tuxedo.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Ambush Bug Awards - the Schwabbies, as they are popularly known. This is our second and a half annual ceremony, and I hope we can continue the fine tradition of dignity and aplomb that we have maintained all these years. But - what's this?"

Ambush Bug looks towards the rafters, where there is suddenly a glow.


Hello, Watchtower Fans. We've had a busy couple of months here at the Watchtower, and a post to catch things up for the casual reader is probably not unwarranted.

Regrettably, we've had a few people leave the game over the last few months - irreconcilable differences do pop up between people now and then, of course. We've still got more than two dozen active player/writers, though.

The upshot of those departures is that we have some relatively major characters available. Take a look at the cast list - anyone not listed is an available character. (And three of those listed are available, too - Raven, Wildcat, and Murmur. I just need to get that updated.) Personally, I'd like to see people taking on more of the JSA.

We've also been building a wiki for the game. It's a lot of work, but coming along bit by bit. In particular, you may want to look at the Available character list there - while not exhaustive (since the DCU has thousands of characters), it does list the most significant available characters, as well as the most recently vacated ones.

If you're interested in applying, please put up an application comment in response to this post.

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All the News that's Fit to Print.

The Lady and the Tiger. I just hope he's housebroken, girl. I wouldn't want that man shredding the drapes, if you get my meaning.

How you gonna keep them down on the farm, when they've had their brains washed, rinsed and conditioned by the best?*

*Any indication of improper behavior by our owner, Lex Luthor, esq, is actionable, and our attorney has sharp, pointed teeth. He files them twice daily. We're just saying.

There's one hard and fast rule when you're gambling: Never play cards with a man with the same first name as a city. Rule number two: Gambling with the Joker means gambling with your life. Just a note: Everyone involved in this story is TERRIFYING, and the Gotham tourist commission can KEEP their advertising money, there's nothing we can do for you.

The only person seen more often than Solomon Grundy recently was Elvis Presley. And even though he's been dead for thirty years, I'm sure the King smells better.

Character Update:

For those just joining us (and so the mods can update that handy little spreadsheet), here's what's up these days with Hal "punch-you-in-the-jaw-if-you-disagree" Jordan.

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Anniversary Scene

This took Kiko and I some time to finish but....damn. Worth it.

Also, to my fellow players, we'll take suggestions regarding the announcement in the final thread.


This is for NO other reason than to draw your attention HERE.

If you do not witness this extraordinary little piece, you are lame like toast.

Bravo, guys. Standing f'ing ovation over here.

Hey guys..

That's the econtra RPG and there I Play Impulse, but I'm lookin for more Young Justice DC comics people around too. It's a multi fandom RPG and it's pretty fun, so if you're interested..


Chimps ain't people.

That's why I could never get paid, lemmie tell ya.

We're looking for a few good players....

Hello! We've had some players drop out or move on or vanish, so we have the following characters currently open:

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If you're interested, please see our application post. Thanks!

You know you're a Watchtower player/fan when...

Figured with LJ going on the blink and such, that we could use a little laughing at ourselves. So, in the grand tradition of the infamous "Redneck" list, and its "Gamer" variant...

You know you're a Watchtower player/fan when...

* You can't watch a Hugo Weaving movie without snickering.
* You've picked up a graphic novel done in the last 3 years and had moment of confusion because it doesn't match what we're writing.
* You SWEAR you saw Caleb or Corrine in Books of Magic.
* You've ever used "Brain spores" as an excuse

Throw some more on the fire. :)


Teen Titans to the Big Screen
Source: The Hollywood Reporter May 31, 2007

DC Comics' superteam Teen Titans is getting the big-screen treatment courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The live-action adaptation is being produced by Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster through their Weed Road production company, while Mark Verheiden has been brought on board to write the script.

The Teen Titans, which first appeared in 1964, are comprised of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy, the respective sidekicks of A-list heroes Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow.

The comic series reached X-Men-style success in the 1980s, when the team was relaunched in a new comic with the characters no longer kids but college-age adults and the stories explored more mature themes. The series also saw the addition of Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, original characters who weren't sidekicks, while the character of Robin matured into one called Nightwing.

Most recently, the comic was adapted to the television screen with a Cartoon Network series that ran from 2003-06 that used many of the '80s comics' heroes and story lines.

It is not known which heroes will be used, but Nightwing is said to be in the mix.

Goldsman said the tone will be consistent with such recent Warners' comic book fare as Batman Begins, Superman Returns and the upcoming Watchmen.

Verheiden was a writer-producer on "Smallville" and is a writer-producer on "Battlestar Galactica."

Character Applications

Hey, folks.

We've received an app for Batman as of this writing. We know there were some more potentially interested parties out there, and we don't think we should drag this out too long, so we're setting a deadline of May 22nd for any and all Batman apps so we can get someone active and into play fairly soon.

Other characters currently available (and have no deadline for apps):

Animal Man
Captain Cold
Jesse Quick
Green Lantern Jade
Etrigan/Jason Blood
Guy Gardner
Harley Quinn
Pied Piper