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The bottommost thread is open for participants of any universe, fictional or otherwise. The format is man on the street interviews. The subject is nominally unerage vigilantism, but tangents are welcome.
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A steel-drum rendition of a typical nightly news theme can be heard - a familiar antennaed silhouette sits behind a desk, holding a stack of papers. As the lights come up, the three-piece suit and bad toupee are revealed.

"Good evening. Our top story tonight - famed comic book writer Mark Millar has been killed in the Marvel Universe, causing a spontaneous outpouring of joy amongst the heroes of that world. When asked to comment on the seemingly out-of-character celebration of a human being's death, several sources simply shrugged and said that it made for 'a better story.' More on that as it develops."

He looks to his co-anchor, a familiar mute kewpie doll in a red superhero jumpsuit - ALSO wearing a bad toupee. "I'm Ambush Bug, and this is my co-anchor, Cheeks. Welcome to WTDC Channel 5 News. Other hard-hitting stories, sports, and weather, all coming up next. Stay tuned."
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Hi folks!

Players come and go in our community. Due to changing Real Life demands and other factors in players' lives, we're missing a few key characters. Right now we're accepting applications for the following:

Jesse Quick
Green Lantern Jade
Guy Gardner
Pied Piper
Dream of the Endless

Please see this post here for the application format, and if you've got any questions, feel free to email us at jlawatchtower@gmail.com or comment here.

As always, thanks for reading!
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So, after playing with "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee," in a very sad scene, I went out of YouTube to hear the cheery version.


What I did find was a BRILLIANT example why the Teen Titans cartoon is not anywhere near comic book cannon.

Apologies and kudos to Rach - who both ran the plot and apparently runs "Sandra Dee," - and any other brains I break.
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I'd like to say I thought this was fabulously done. All of you.
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Family time with the Harpers. Thank you, Kiko. This turned out just terribly cute.
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It took us awhile but, "Mr. Bug Goes to Washington," is finished! Many thanks to Victor, Andy, Paul, Luke, and a bouquet to JR on this one. Much thanks for the belated holiday fun guys!
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For those who just follow the DC side of things, I wanted to point people in the direction of a contest on the Marvel side of life... with a prize of a year paid account.
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So Harley has the biggest Christmas tree in Gotham and Ted Kord might get some (or had some, I leave it up to them) from an insane clown.

Thank you so much for your patience on this one Jami, JR, and Pam...
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The holidays sort of buried these, but they are now finished for your enjoyment.

Double dates and the Outsiders don't seem to mix well.

And Troia and Omen discover the clean up always looks worse than it is. and old friends are often the best friends. Thank you much, Carol.
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Hi guys,

I've been off writing my novel Abigail's Dragon and I just entered it into gather.com's first chapters contest. If you have an interest, please take a look and vote for me. My link is listed below.

Your Round 1 Unique URL: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474976885705

During Round 1, the first chapter of your submission (link provided above) will remain live on the site at Firstchapters.gather.com for fourteen (14) days from the date it was published. At the end of that voting period we will remove the chapter from Gather and tally the votes. To complete your competition eligibility, please double-check to ensure that you are a member of First Chapters Writing Competition Group. If you are not a member, click here to join

If you would like to invite your friends, family and colleagues to read and rate your submission they must:

1. Join Gather.com so they can vote on your chapter. Make sure to send them a join link.

2. Click on your chapter’s unique link (send out the link provided above) where they can read and then rate your first chapter.

Note on voting: To ensure the integrity of contests on Gather we have developed fraud detection systems to monitor rating/voting patterns as well as member account validity. We run the processes periodically throughout the contest and again at the end of the contest, across all entries. If we determine that certain ratings or actions are intended to compromise the outcome of the contest we will take appropriate actions which can include disqualifying the ratings, entrants and submissions. Therefore, rating averages can change throughout the contest period. Entrants are eligible to vote in the Competition but are expected to do so fairly and in the spirit of the competition.

Continue to visit http://firstchapters.gather.com to see all the entries and stay up-to-date with contest news. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to email support@gather.com.
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Irwin is surrounded by letters to Santa Claus. Feel free to reply to the linked post, in the format of a letter you or your character would've written. Ambush Bug and Santa will respond.
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(Music Cue : "Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas")

The stage resembles a large, stylish den in this outing - decorated with all the Christmas trimmings. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care. There's a tree, decorated with metallic orange tinsel. Houngan is there, sitting at a piano.

Standing by the tree is Ambush Bug, in a Fred Rogers-esque outfit, complete with slacks, a sweater, and a toupee. He's sipping a small cup of egg nog as he 'notices' the camera. "Oh, well! Seems our guests have finally arrived. Hello, folks, and welcome to the Ambush Bug Christmas Special Extravaganzapalooza. Now also serving Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, to the best of our limited ability to understand and properly spell those holidays."

"We have a whole evening of Holiday Fun lined up - some special guests to make you smile, and I may just belt out a rendition of some holiday standard. Later on, I think we'll go to the phones, and maybe we'll even look at some letters to Santa Claus.."

He trails off, looking annoyedly off-camera towards his musical director. "What are you fidgeting about, Houngan?"
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Am I doing something wrong? I've been trying to read the Watchtower Friends page, but there doesn't seem to be a "previous" button, so I can't get beyond one page-full of entries.
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We have a fan in the Delaware Valley. A fan who even knows the OCs, I might add. He said to say hi, and that he loves JLA:WT.

The longer version of this is that my present temp assignment is in the Granite Run Mall. Well, due to a snafu with the union people, we had to wait almost three hours before we could get to work, which I naturally enough spent catching up on my fine literature. In other words, I holed myself up in the comic shop and waited for the boss to call me on my cell. :)

Well, after reading about Booster Gold, the new line-up of the Teen Titans, the de-powering and aging of Bart Allen, and the death of Superboy, I came across the comic showing Cody Driscoll's new life as a liquor store-robbing druggie, and shook my head as I commented "The more I read, the happier I am for Watchtower." At that point the guy next to me looked up from his comic, and went "Dude, you read JLA Watchtower?!"

I told him that I actually write Watchtower, and when he asked me who I write, I told him that I write a character called Hotshot, and just recently picked up Secret. I swear, I thought the boy was going to have an orgasm right there on the spot. He told me that he loves Trevor, and actually asked about his dad, at which point he noticed what was either his sister or his girlfriend looking impatient, and asked me to pass along his kudos to the Watchtower writers before taking off.

Let me tell you, seriously surreal. And BTW, if the person in question happens to read this, please don't think of it as criticism. It made my day, and I just wish you could have stuck around long enough for me to get your name. So if you see this, drop a comment.
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The John Constantine post is not worksafe and of a sensitive nature. Every effort was made to bring the plot nugget through in a sensitive matter but we understand that it may be difficult for some to read. Reader discretion is advised.
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The Zatanna post is not worksafe and of a sensitive nature. Every effort was made to bring the plot nugget through in a sensitive matter but we understand that it may be difficult for some to read. Reader discretion is advised.
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It's just occurred to me that maybe I should have provided a translation for Nightwing's 'cue phrase' in this Hard Rain post: The words he uses, hokano baro, is Romany for "Great trick."

If you all enjoyed the Titans' latest plot, all the kudos go to our Fauna player. This was her first time running a Watchtower plot, and we hope she'll run more in the future. ;)
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Oh. My. Spangled. Cthulhu.

The interaction between Leslie and Alfred absolutely broke my brain. (In a good way - I'm definitely going to be following that story line avidly.) But - wow...


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